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SoareDex is a motion transmitter that transforms continuous rotation into indexing motion. The product is composed of a cam, a turret, and rollers. Inputting the rotation to the input shaft, the output shaft repeats rotation and stop. The product is made by the latest process technology and have excellent features as below.

  • 1. Non backlash
  • 2. Precision
  • 3. Smooth motion
  • 4. Fast Indexing
  • 5. Long life expectancy
Composition and Motion

Composition and Motion

A roller gear cam has a tapered shape lib around the external circumference. A Part of the tapered lib has twisted shape and the other part has straight shape. Two cam followers mounted on the turret are contacted on the tapered lib like a scissors. Rotating the cam, the turret is turned by the rollers in the section of the cam curve and stopped in the section of the straight portion. In the right figure, inputting one rotation to the input shaft, the output shaft is turned 1/6 (60°) and stopped.

Oscillating motion

Oscillating motion

By changing the twisted direction of the tapered lib, we can make various motion. Oscillating unit has two-counter twisted lib in the cam. Putting continuous rotation to an input shaft, the output shaft makes a pendulum motion by the determined angle.


SoareDex is used for various machines, machine tools, and mass production line.
Processing machine, Assembling machine, Parts supplier/extractor, Printing machine, Packing machine, Press material feeder, and so on


TAKAHIRO SoarerDex is divided to two types by the motion, one is an indexer and the other is a oscillator.
By the shape of a output shaft, the products are divided to three types “Shaft, Flange, and Table”
We also provide a package unit mounting a reducer on an indexer.

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